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Highest Insulation Values from Sustainable Resources

Do you have a home or business that needs insulating? Ecohome Insulation specializes solely in spray foam insulation with the highest insulation value of any product on the market. Offering multiple benefits, spray foam insulating makes your Cape Breton home quiet, more comfortable and draft free with improved indoor air quality. Our spray foam has the highest insulation value of any product on the market. Ecohome uses spray foam insulation manufactured from soybean oil, an annually renewable resource.

Consult with Ecohome to find out more benefits of WALLTITE® Eco spray foam insulation for your home or business, including

  • Savings of 50% - 80 % on energy bills
  • Not reactive with other elements – an inert product
  • Prevention of mould growth
  • Not attractive as a food source to rodents or insects
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles kept out of landfills
  • 300% increase in shear & racking wall strength

You Lose 80% of Your Heat to the Air

You want more than high R-values – resistant to heat flow – when you want to save heat and the money you pay for it. R-value only measures the resistance of heat transfer through solid molecules – such as in walls or conventional insulation – as conduction. Conduction causes only 20% of a building’s heat loss. On the other hand, heat transfer by air molecules from hot to cold areas is called convection, and convection is responsible for the remaining 80% of a building’s heat loss.

Spray Foam Stops Heat Loss 95% - 99%

Conventional fibre insulations resist heat loss by conduction, but only attempt to slow down convection by trapping air molecules. This air is free to move within and through conventional insulation. This means you lose insulation value. Plus fibre insulation increases your risk of damaging moisture problems like mould and mildew growth.

Ecohome Insulation stops heat loss and moisture buildup. The spray foam we use is a closed cell structure that does not allow air to enter, which stops heat loss by convection. Just a quarter inch will stop 99% of heat loss by convection and 3 inches will stop 95% of heat loss by conduction.

The Effects of Cold Weather

As the temperature drops outside, convection currents speed up inside, and the conventional fibre insulation you may have doesn’t become more effective, but less. Studies have found that the R-value of fibre insulation is cut in half at -28 C.

Spray foam is unaffected by cold weather.

Lose Heat to the Wind or Save It

Your next enemy in the fight to save energy is wind. Wind causes pressure differences across your walls and draws code-approved vapour barriers toward the wall cavity. As a result, conventional fibre insulations compress. And studies have found this compression can decrease fibre insulation’s R-value up to 80%.

Spray foam is unaffected by wind. Book an appointment with Ecohome Insulation for an energy audit to learn how our WALLTITE® Eco spray foam can prevent heat loss at your new construction or renovation during our cold and windy Cape Breton winters.

Fire Protection & Sound Proofing

Ecohome Insulation applies spray-on products that offer you the benefits of fire protection and nontoxic materials. Besides ease of application, spray foam insulation replaces the need for drywall or finishing a basement. Choosing half-pound foam gives you the added benefit of noise reduction because of its larger bubbles that trap sound. Soundproofing foam applies with nearly the same technique as denser two-pound foam.

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