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Nova Scotian Home & Business Owners Recommend Ecohome

The entire staff of Ecohome Insulation appreciates how generous our residential and commercial clients have been in recommending our insulation services to their colleagues and friends. We are happy to improve the lives of Nova Scotians and proud to share their testimonials here.

Industrial Insulation for Sketchline Designs

Last fall I had Ecohome Insulation insulate my 60 x 60 industrial building, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Believe it or not, this building was cheaper to heat than my own home, which was built 17 years ago with R20 fibreglass insulation.

Scott was so knowledgeable and had recommended just what I needed to make sure I received the full benefits of his product and was cost effective all at the same time.

Scott and his employees were more than accommodating when it came to time frames and working around subcontractors. The Ecohome team went above and beyond by working through the night to help complete the project within a tight time frame.

To me, as a businessman, this was an all-round excellent experience. Although this spray foam insulation may be slightly higher in price than traditional fibreglass insulation, the end results were well worth it!

Thanks again to Scott MacKenzie and his dedicated employees for making this a fantastic experience and hope to have the chance to work with this company again in the near future.

Bill Capstick, Sketchline Designs

North Sydney, NS

Warmer Floors in a Large, Old House

We live in a large and drafty old house, and when we moved in, the lack of insulation was quite obvious. We called Ecohome Insulation to insulate our cellar and attic, and the difference has been significant! We noticed that our floors are warmer, and the upper level of the house is retaining the heat better. The insulation job was done quickly and neatly all the same day. We are enjoying the warmth that Ecohome Insulation has helped us keep in our home!

Rob and Nicole

North Sydney

Cut the Hot Tub Energy Use in Half

In November 2008, I purchased an outdoor hot tub in the United States. I returned to Canada with it and had it up and running to ring in 2009. I got my first power bill after having it for about a month and a half. My power bill had gone from $100 dollars a month to $250 per month. Everyone I consulted about the cost of my power increase told me their hot tubs were only costing them an extra dollar per day, while mine was adding on about $3.50 to $4.50 per day.

I then began investigating where the hot tub was losing its heat. I contacted the professionals at Ecohome Insulation to see if they could offer me any help. They arrived the next day and, with one look at the tub, advised it was definitely not constructed for the cold Canadian winters. They then used their product on the interior of the tub, filling in all the gaps where I was experiencing heat loss. The cost was approximately $900 to have the work done. The next power bill soon arrived and had gone down $100 per month, saving me $200 for the end of the bill cycle. After 5 bills, the spray foam will have paid for itself. My hot tub also runs hotter than ever, as there is even less heat loss with the cover off. While I usually would gain 1-2 degrees on the temperature gauge, I am now gaining a whopping 5 degrees. This allows me to run the tub colder while not in use, saving money and the planet again.

Thanks Ecohome,


Middle River

Quick & Efficient Basement Insulation

My Name is Edna. A couple of years ago my husband and I bought an old home. It was pretty cold and drafty. We had done a lot of renovations in the past two years, but the one we noticed the most is when we had Scott and his men come to insulate our basement. Before they came, we had a blanket at the bottom of the basement door; it was very cold down there. Now the blanket is gone and the temperature down there is almost the same as the rest of the house. Our savings in fuel is about 30%. We were so pleased that we had them come a second time to do a couple more areas. The process is very quick and efficient. We do recommend Ecohome Insulation to everyone. Of all our renovations we have done, this is the one we are most pleased with because of the comfort we feel in our home and the savings we see in our pocket.

Thank You Guys,


North Sydney

New Home Construction & Help with Inspections

Dear Scott MacKenzie,

I wish to let you know how pleased I am with the workmanship and professionalism attributed to the foam insulation at my new home in Benacadie. All my dealings with you and Troy Marsh have been excellent and on schedule. I should also like to point out that, as you know, I had issues with the CBRM – Inspection Department. These issues were resolved on a timely basis with your help, thank you.

With the recent insulation May 2011, I am not able to evaluate the effectiveness of the insulation, however, with R20+ in the wall and R40+ in the roof (applied directly on the metal roof without the requirement of an air space) that is ample indication that a nice warm winter is in store. However, in May 2012 I will be happy to let you know my winter’s results.



Benacadie, CB, NS

Courteous Service & Lower Heating Bills

Dear Mr. MacKenzie,

I am writing this letter to say thank you for the great change your company, Ecohome Insulation has made in my heating bill. Because of the insulation you added to my home, our heating bill has dropped. Our home is built on a four-foot frost wall, and our floor was previously the only part of the basement which was insulated with fibreglass insulation. Your company suggested that we remove the insulation on the floor boards and spray foam the walls instead, which you did. And, may I say, the gentlemen were very courteous and neat while they were in our home. The process only took a couple of hours and the effects were immediate. Our floors are warmer and our home seems to hold its heat longer. Once again, I would like to say thank you to you and your company, Ecohome Insulation, for your professional work. I would recommend your company to everyone.



Boularderie, Nova Scotia

A New Home that Is Easy to Heat

My wife and I would like to take the time to thank Scott MacKenzie and the staff of Ecohome Insulation for their outstanding customer service. The Ecohome team was more than willing to accommodate us and to make sure that we were 100% satisfied. The staff showed great professionalism and knowledge of the product while being reliable and trustworthy.

Thanks to Ecohome Insulation, our new home has the best spray foam available on the market. Our home is air tight, solid and extremely easy to heat. We couldn’t be happier with Ecohome’s product and service. We would highly recommend Ecohome to all who are in the market for insulation. I will be calling them in the near future to insulate my detached garage as I plan on heating this as well.

Feel free to have any potential customers call us or visit our home.


Ray & Debbie

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Best Prices for Basement Renovation

I'm very pleased with the quality of the work done by Scott MacKenzie & his team. They were professional, reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Their workmanship was topnotch and they had the best prices in Cape Breton.

We have not yet experienced a summer since we've insulated the basement walls & box sill & headers, but the basement is warmer in the winter, and we've saved money on our winter heating costs. We should have done this years ago.

I give them the highest rating possible.


Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

No More Drafts & Ice-Cold Floors

I have spent 3 winters in my newly renovated home. Heat and oil bills combined over the winter months for the first 2 years were over $2100. Because of a draft that would come up from underneath my home and the outlets, I was walking on ice-cold floors, and I was in constant fear that my furnace lines would freeze as they had so often in the past.

The very courteous and efficient Ecohome team came and spray foamed the underneath of my home. The difference was amazing and immediately noticeable. In fact I was so pleased that I invited them back to spray foam the entire outside of my house underneath its new siding. This winter my home was comfortable, cozy and draft free. With savings this winter of over 50% on heat and oil bills, I would recommend Ecohome to anyone who wants a more cost-efficient home.



Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

Environmentally Friendly & Good Warranty

Dear Scott,

Just a note to thank you and your people for the excellent job you did on the renovations at our hall – Steelworkers & Sydney Pensioners Club. We have already noticed a substantial savings on the heating bill. This year was milder, but with a hall the size of ours, we keep a close watch on these things. A real selling point for us was that this insulation was environmentally friendly and the warranty was excellent. We were so pleased with the service and professionalism throughout the whole project. Keep up the good work.

Mickey Kokocki

Financial secretary

Steelworkers & Sydney Pensioners

Warmer, Cleaner & Useful Basement

Hi, Scott,

I’m very pleased with the job done insulating my basement. It has made a tremendous difference in the comfort of my home. The floors are noticeably warmer, and it’s easier to heat the whole house. I’m also able to better utilize my basement for storage. Freezing is no longer an issue, and it’s less damp, brighter and cleaner. The job was done very quickly and professionally. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your product and company to anyone.



Ross Ferry, Nova Scotia

A Warm Selah Hall at Shushan


I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the spray insulation work you did on our Selah Hall at Shushan. You were there when you said you would be, did a great job and your folks kept the place as clean as though they had never been there, all for a reasonable price. It's so nice to have warm feet when it's cold out. We could feel the difference immediately.

Thanks for the job well done. Feel free to use us as a reference, and we will plan to have you back for the next building next year.

All the best!


Richard S., CFP

Financial Adviser

Author of The Macro Asset Perspective (MAP)

Senior Editor of Financial News Digest

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